Feng Shui Diary & Almanac 2017 – Marc-Olivier Rinchart & Johann Bauer

This Feng Shui Diary & Almanac 2017 is an invaluable tool to help you plan 2017, the Year of the Ding You Fire Rooster. It is essential to properly plan your activities ahead, noting the days that are conducive and other periods that are not in order to make the most out of the year. In this very clear and structured book, you will find the favourable and unfavourable activities for each day of the year, the conflict animal and the ruling animal of the day, the good and bad hours of the day, the lunar cycles… and this for 13 months (from January 2017 until January 2018 included). It will help you always having a good timing.

The Feng Shui Diary & Almanac from Marc-Olivier Rinchart and Johann Bauer also includes additional information you cannot find in other annual books of the same kind:
∞ the Ba Zi Pillars,
∞ the 12 Day Guards,
∞ the 24 Mountains chart with the annual afflictions, renovation rules,
∞ a table with the Gua numbers and your personal directions,
∞ a detailed analysis of annual and monthly flying stars charts,
∞ favourable and unfavourable areas of your home or workplace for every day of the year,
∞ the Master Killing days,
∞ the Yi Jing hexagrams (annual, monthly and daily) that are necessary for Xua Kong Da Gua Date Selection, New
∞ a brief summary of the astrological forecasts for each of the 12 Chinese animal signs, New
∞ a list of the people who should not attend funerals, New
∞ the good and bad days to undertake various types of activities such as starting a business, getting married, renovating, traveling, digging, getting a haircut, moving,… and more.

More complete than any other diary or almanac, this book will quickly become your only companion for the selection of favourable dates in 2017!

Authors : Marc-Olivier Rinchart & Johann Bauer

EAN : 9782875141057

Public Price : 16,80 EUR

Format: 17,5 x 21 cm

180 pages. Soft cover with spiral bound

Publication : June 24. 2016

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